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Remember Grill Safety This Summer

Grill Safety

Every year, millions of Americans safely enjoy outdoor barbecues, but accidents do happen. Make grill safety a priority! According to the U.S. Fire Administration, fire departments respond to an estimated average of 10,600 home structure and outdoor fires involving grills…

Be Vigilant for Reverse Mortgage Scams

Reverse Mortgage Scams Alert

The Department of Housing and Urban Development Office of Inspector General and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are encouraging all consumers but especially senior citizens to watch for reverse mortgage scams. Reverse mortgage products are home equity conversions, which are…

Grandma’s Tips: Clean, Sanitize with Vinegar

Clean With Vinegar

Cleaning with vinegar is an inexpensive and environmentally friendly household hack. You can clean your oven, microwave, fridge and bathroom with white vinegar. There are many brands of all-purpose vinegar, or “cleaning vinegar,” which you can find online or at…