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The Bennett Group Insurance Consultants is a family-owned, full-service independent insurance agency operating in Greensboro, NC while serving the Triad and all of North Carolina. We provide North Carolina home insurance and auto insurance services as well as many other types of insurance services. We understand that navigating life’s changes can be challenging. Whether you’re buying a new car, purchasing a new home, adding on to your family, or anything in between, we’re here to help you find the insurance that fits your ever changing life. With access to multiple insurance carriers our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible value while helping them navigate the complex maze of insurance and risk management.

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Home Insurance

Homeowners insurance protecting you and your belongings in the event of a home-related disaster or accident.

Auto Insurance

A wide range of coverages to protect your automobile and the precious cargo driving and riding in it.

Business Insurance

Don’t let business disruptions slow you down. We’ll work with you to find the right insurance for your business.

Renters Insurance

We offer a full range of insurance options from protecting your belongings to providing temporary housing.

Umbrella Insurance Coverage

If you want to assure you are covered and gain more liability protection, a umbrella policy may be right for you.

More Insurance Products

Motorcycle, Boat, RV

Whatever he circumstance may be, we’re here to help with your insurance needs.

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The Dangers of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Your Home

The Dangers of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Your Home

If you have a home heating unit and/or appliances that use natural gas, there is always the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning in case of a leak or if a burner on your stove wasn’t shut off properly. Accidental CO poisoning kills at least 420 people and sends more than 100,000 Americans to emergency rooms […]

Watch Out for Scams Targeting Seniors

Watch Out for Scams Targeting Seniors

In an era dominated by technology, scammers have found new avenues to exploit unsuspecting victims, and seniors are often the targets of scams due to perceived vulnerabilities. From scam phone calls to text messages, e-mails, and even social media links, these criminals employ various tactics to deceive individuals, particularly seniors, into divulging personal information or […]

Auto Insurers Keep Up Double-Digit Auto Insurance Rate Increases

Private auto insurance rate increases continued climbing last year with all of the country’s largest car insurance carriers raising rates by 15% or more from 2022 levels, according to a new report. The rate increases continue as car insurers face mounting claims costs due to increasing repair and replacement costs as well as more destructive […]

Smartphone Use Spells Trouble for Drivers as Distracted Driving Skyrockets

Distracted driving has skyrocketed in the past 13 years and experts say that smartphones are to blame. People are engaging on social media apps, reading text messages and e-mails — and even watching videos while behind the wheel. The result has been a surge in distracted driving deaths, reversing decades of declines due to vehicle […]

Three New Year’s Resolutions for Homeowners

While many people make resolutions to improve themselves — usually focused on organization, health and fitness — as a homeowner you can also resolve to bolster your home to be better prepared for issues that may arise in the coming year and ensure that you are adequately covered. While you are trying to lose weight, […]

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