Dangers Of Distracted Driving

The Dangers Of Distracted Driving

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According to CDC historical data, distracted driving poses significant safety hazards and contributes to many accidents. In fact, more than 2,800 people are killed, and 400,000 are injured in crashes involving a distracted driver each year—equating to approximately eight deaths and 1,095 injuries per day.

These stats are very disturbing and when you combine them with recent survey data compiled by Nationwide, it is even more concerning!

The study from Nationwide found drivers are practicing poor driving behavior despite fears of others driving dangerously.

Distracted driving statistics

“Distracted driving is a common issue among drivers. In fact, over half of drivers admit to speeding or eating while driving over the past 12 months. Further, 1 in 5 or more have used their phone to text (22%) or call (35%) while behind the wheel These behaviors are particularly prevalent with Gen Z and Millennial drivers, who are more likely than other generations to use their phones while driving for calls, texts or social media.

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In particular, 59% of Gen Z drivers admit being more impatient on the road than a year ago, 47% than they did a year ago, report driving faster and 47% admit to taking phone calls on a handheld device while driving over the past year. During the past year:

  • 38% of Gen Z consumers admitted to looking at their phones more frequently while behind the wheel.
  • 34% of Gen Z drivers admitted to video chatting while driving.
  • 24% of Gen Z and 23% of Millennials admitted to using/checking social media while driving.”

Distracted driving behaviors

“Per Nationwide’s Survey, 86% of drivers rate their driving as very good or excellent, but this overlooks some concerning behaviors.

Approximately 38% of drivers say they are more impatient behind the wheel now than in 2022. Many admit to eating while driving (56%) or driving 10 mph over the speed limit (54%) during the past 12 months. And more than 1 in 5 (22%) report texting while driving or giving obscene gestures to other drivers (21%) during the same period. Additionally, 17% admitted to running a stop sign or red light, and 13% said they have video-chatted while driving.

As these unsafe road habits increase, driving has become more stressful. Around 9-in-10 say other drivers on the road are more aggressive, reckless, and drive faster than in 2022. Unsurprisingly, 61% say driving has become more stressful for them since last year due to these behaviors.

Not only have these driving behaviors created more distractions, but they’ve also led to more accidents. The most common reasons cited for accidents are aggressive or reckless driving practices, such as unsafe lane changing (18%), tailgating (15%), running red lights/stop signs (12%) and road rage.”

In Conclusion

Overall, it’s evident that distracted driving is a significant concern for all motorists, threatening the safety of the roadways and creating challenges across the auto insurance industry. This a great reminder, how crucial it is for motorists to take this risk seriously and do what they can to reduce potential distractions behind the wheel.

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